Care-Steps: NoCode, Paperless Mobile CRM App for Citizen Developers With HIPPA Compliant Authorization

Care-Steps: Mobile CRM with No Code, Paperless Application for Citizen Developers That Enables HIPPA Compliant Users Authorizations by Enterprise Hierarchy and Geographic Location

Introducing, the paperless mobile CRM powered by ScaleCampaign LLC. Care-steps began as a competitive CRM application, but has evolved to become much more. With the featured no code form builder, this CRM can make anyone a citizen developer in minutes. Imagine, putting the power of writing your own paperless, mobile device applications into the hands of your enterprise to release their productivity. No longer will your enterprise be at the mercy of long and costly development cycles when your business needs change.

The term “Citizen Developer” may be unfamiliar, but it’s quite straight forward. This is a relatively new term because technology to provide this powerful potential advantage is so new. With the Care-steps no code form builder, you and your staff can easily build (develop) and modify your mobile app functionality in minutes. Imagine being in control of development without having to learn anything about C++, JAVA, Python or REACT or any other typical development languages. Everything you’ll need is pre-written in logic modules, displayed graphically so you can simply drag & drop logic blocks into the app builder emulator like building blocks or puzzle pieces, modify the default prompts with your specific text, craft the questions and answers you like, save, and publish. Instantly your application is available to anyone authorized in your organization with access.

Authorization is designed to always provide full control for HIPPA and GDPR compliance. The primary administrator is the “Creator” and has responsibility and authority to grant access and restrict access. Each member of the organization is given access based on individual user’s job function or responsibility. Access is granted or restricted in 2 ways: By location or geographic boundaries and by job function responsibility. These 2 ways are essential for building applications that maintain HIPPA and GDPR guidelines.

Attached is a link to a short video demonstrating how an organizational structure is built and authorization is controlled for this mobile application for a typical citizen developer using fully HIPPA compliant authorization granting by enterprise hierarchy and job responsibility and also by geographic locations for responsibility of team members.

Within this you will see: - Entry of the organizations “Staff” either individually or drag & drop a complete list - Definition of the organization’s “Profile” - Administrative construction of the organization’s structure” Levels” (and locations) - Administration of the team members “Staff Access”

If interested after watching this brief overview video, please contact us for a personal demonstration of the power of this function and ease of administrative use. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss regarding how it can be crafted to satisfy your specific needs.

Check out this video:

Writing a mobile application with simple input-output, data selection and data collection, GPS location, signature verification, picture/video clip collection and conditional logic functions has never been easier for the citizen developer. a user who has a vision of what he wants and needs in a mobile application but lacks the knowledge and skill in programming code languages to get that one.


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